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Membership 2016-17

For current Fire Chiefs and Chief Officer members, ABC Chiefs appreciates your support and hopes that you will renew again this year. We have implemented a new dues structure for the 2016-17 fiscal year.  Membership is now determined by the size of your agency using the total number of  full-time employees (FTEs)For those Chiefs and Chief Officers who are not yet a member, please consider becoming a member and supporting the efforts of ABC Chiefs in maintaining and improving the delivery of emergency fire and medical services in ABC.

ABC Chiefs membership cycle is from July 1st through June 30th.  For information about memberships please contact Executive Director James Kirk at [email protected] or 123.456.7891. For membership by check please use the following invoice document ABC Chiefs 2016/17 Membership Form  and Membership Form Instructions.   For membership in one of ABC Chiefs eight (8) Sections, please select the following link ABC Chiefs Sections.

Active Membership (Fire Chief plus Group memberships) 

All Fire Chiefs of any public or private agency, ABC Chiefs Sections/Divisions plus Group memberships that are included based on the size (tier) of the department. Please select the proper dues amount for the size of your agency.

Tier 1
$ 250

FTE Personnel: 


Fire Chief plus 1 additional Group membership

Tier 2
$ 400

FTE Personnel: 


Fire Chief plus 2 additional Group membership

Tier 3
$ 600

FTE Personnel: 


Fire Chief plus 3 additional Group membership

Tier 4
$ 800

FTE Personnel: 


Fire Chief plus 4 additional Group membership

Tier 5
$ 1,100

FTE Personnel: 


Fire Chief plus 5 additional Group membership

Tier 6
$ 1,400

FTE Personnel: 


Fire Chief plus 6 additional Group membership

Tier 7
$ 1,750

FTE Personnel: 


Fire Chief plus 7 additional Group membership

Tier 8
$ 2,000

FTE Personnel: 


Fire Chief plus 8 additional Group membership

Other Membership Opportunities


Group Membership

Cost – $ 75.00

Each additional ABC Chiefs member of a department/district/agency beyond those included in the agency’s primary membership.

Volunteer Fire Chief Membership

Cost – $ 75.00

Fire Chiefs of any department with annual budget below $250,000

Retiree Membership

Cost – $ 25.00

Any retired Chief level officer.

Associate Membership

Cost – $ 400.00

Individuals or agencies engaged in the manufacture or sale of fire service apparatus, supplies or services and others that are interested in the field of emergency fire or medical services.